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Monkey-child with muscles and a flying fluffy cloud.

Boy-King Joffrey to celebrate GoT’s return.

Winning love by daylight <3 


Here’s a poster of my Season One & Two Portraits. Can’t wait for Season Three!

See them all here.

This is fantastic!

Criminal Minds has taken over my life.
Completely hooked on this show.

These characters are a big reason why.

I love ALL of them :)

Punk Rock Mermaid.

"Find the Light in the Dark"


Hayao Miyazaki is drawing a new manga.
(stills from NHK “Professional Shigoto no Ryugi” tv show aired yesterday)

Please pray for the Philippines and donate what you can to your country’s aiding organizations. The people of my home country are really in desperation… Too many horror stories that the media cannot cover. Anything helps.

Thanks! ❤️




Google has had some stunning logos over the years, but this one is a showstopper.

I really really love this.

If you like that you should check out one of his videos.